Dec 1, 2011

Mozy Remote Backup - Free Online Backup

Today we know the utility and the advantages of the remote backup. Beyond using external hard drive, one can find Mozy very useful and safe also. I use Mozy Remote Backup - it's an online file storage, online backup system.

Interesting part is Mozy is accessible also with its FREE version. For the free version, only up to initial 2 gigabyte file storage or backup provision is there. The limit may be also extended through the process as stated hereinafter.

There are two versions of Mozy - home and pro. With Mozy Home - you can backup your digital life at home, whereas Mozy Pro is the online backup for businesses. Here are the features: 

For using Mozy, just sign up, download the desktop app, install it in your computer and start using.  That's all. As they have said - set it and forget about it. You can depend on it! The desktop app is available both for Mac and windows and the installation process is very easy with simple interface and it's self-explanatory.
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